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Dear Friends of JAG,


As the founder of JAG Productions, my journey to becoming an Artistic Director was as unexpected as it was transformative. Originating from a background singing in the Mt. Calvary Interdenominational church in Anderson, SC, studying classical voice at Anderson University, and having spent the majority of my life as an actor, I never envisioned leading a theatre company. My move to Vermont in 2011, in search of a place to heal and slow down, marked the beginning of a love affair with the state and a series of ventures that would shape my path in ways I had never imagined. In 2012, I founded BarnArts in Barnard, VT, bringing arts to a town of just 900 people. Following that, I developed a theatre program for the Artistree Community Arts Center in Pomfret, VT. Then, in 2016, JAG Productions was born—beyond my wildest dreams thanks to a $250K gift from Kathleen Dolan. This journey has been a fairy tale; it’s been fun, an incredible learning experience, and, undoubtedly, hard.

Over the years, JAG Productions has been recognized widely for its contribution to the arts, receiving accolades such as the
New England Theatre Conference Regional Award for Outstanding Achievement in the American Theatre, Governor’s Award for Excellence in the Arts, the Deloitte Global Impact Award, the Native Son Award for Global Impact, and numerous grants from esteemed foundations including the National Endowment for the Arts, Jane Trust Foundation, the Couch Family Foundation, and the New England Foundation for the Arts. These awards are a testament to our commitment and the impact of our work on the regional and national stage.

After eight transformative years, it's with both pride and poignancy that I announce the closing of JAG Productions this June. This decision marks the end of a significant chapter in my life and celebrates the incredible journey we've embarked upon together in White River Junction, Vermont, and beyond. JAG—my initials, my identity—has been more than just a theatre company; it's been a testament to the power of Black Queer storytelling to foster love, inspiration, and joy. Beyond that, JAG has embodied a vision for the future—a sanctuary for Black creatives, where truth and transparency reign. Here, everyone is invited to come as they are, embraced for the fullness of their identity, and nourished in both spirit and body. In our community, there's an abundance that ensures no one is left wanting, care for each individual is a high priority, and the usual hierarchies fade away. We've fostered an environment where artists have the freedom to participate as they wish, without pressure to perform or produce. What you bring is enough, valued for its beauty and the faith placed in who you are as an artist.

In the most unlikely of settings, JAG Productions has thrived, profoundly altering the cultural terrain of Vermont and New Hampshire. We've celebrated Blackness and queerness, fostering an atmosphere of belonging, joy, creativity, collaboration, and intellectual rigor. JAG has acted as a village, a council, a committee of minds where the struggle for basic necessities is left behind, allowing flexibility, synergy, and shared growth. We've placed Black people in spaces where we inherently belong, promoting growth and facilitating a deep understanding of self and individual processes. Our community has adapted and changed with openness, embracing each moment with the warmth of a family reunion, the depth of fine wine and intimate conversations, all set to the backdrop of an ambiance filled with love and ancestral wisdoms. 

Over the years, we staged significant works that reflect our commitment to centering Black & Black & Queer voices, including
Choir Boy, Fences, Esai’s Table, Every Brilliant Thing, Lady Day at Emerson’s Bar & Grill, Next to Normal, and the innovative JAGfest, our new works play festival for Black playwrights. At JAGfest, we developed groundbreaking new works like Blanks by Gethsemane Herron-Coward, For The Love of Jazz by Raven Cassell, The Last Day of Black History Month by Maine The Attraction, If This Be Sin by Kirya Traber, Esai’s Table by Nathan Yungerberg, Chasing Grace by Elizabeth Addison, and several others that have wowed audiences and ignited dialogue. 

Despite our successes, the broader crisis facing the arts has not spared us. Last year alone, hundreds of not-for-profit theatres across the country were forced to close their doors, victims of a model that increasingly proves unsustainable amid shifting societal support and financial pressures. JAG Productions, too, has felt the weight of these challenges, leading us to this juncture.

The closure of JAG is as much a celebration of our achievements as it is a reflection on the state of the arts. It’s a deliberate choice, made with gratitude for the community that has supported us—artists, audiences, and allies who have been part of this incredible journey. Our legacy is not confined to physical space but lives on in the impact we’ve made, the conversations we’ve started, and the community we’ve built.

As we prepare for our final curtain call on June 15, after the closing performance of
Sondheimia, we're inviting back artists, board members, staff, and friends who have journeyed with us for a final showcase of reflection and celebration. This night promises to be a testament to the resilience, creativity, and spirit of JAG Productions.

Looking forward, I'm embarking on a new chapter, pursuing an MFA in directing, a step that is both exciting and daunting. 

This moment, while bittersweet, is filled with hope and anticipation for the future. The end of JAG Productions is not just about looking back on what we've achieved but also about looking forward to the impact we can continue to make. As I, and we, step into the next act, the lessons learned, the connections made, and the stories shared through JAG will guide and inspire our path forward.

Thank you for being an integral part of our story. Your support, as we transition through this, is an investment in a future where art continues to break barriers, open hearts, and change minds. Together, we’ve shown that art has the power to change the world. Let's carry that belief forward, embracing the challenges and \ opportunities that lie ahead with the same passion, dedication, and commitment that defined JAG Productions.

Here’s to the next act—may it be as bold, as beautiful, and as transformative as the journey we've shared.


Jarvis Green

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