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We are thrilled to announce the completion of filming for our inaugural digital series, "MEN LIKE US" this past October! Over a span of two weeks in New York, a dedicated team comprising more than 60 production staff, crew, and actors came together to shoot four captivating episodes. The series was conceived and nurtured by JAG’s Associate Artists Director, Sideeq Heard, the creator, writer, and director. He collaborated closely with Co-Creator Donathan Walters, Associate Producer Khadija Roane, and talented writers Jarvis Matthews and Tevin Scott.


At its core, "MEN LIKE US" resonates with our company's unwavering commitment to bringing more compassion, empathy, and love into the world by telling stories that challenge hierarchies of race, gender, class, and sexuality.

Scroll 👉 for exclusive BTS shots 📸 and stay alert for more updates!

 As JAG ventures into uncharted territory by producing our inaugural digital series, we're not just creating content—we're setting a precedent. "MEN LIKE US" is our bold statement in the realm of film and television, amplifying queer narratives that have long awaited their spotlight.


But this groundbreaking endeavor requires more than just our passion and dedication—it needs champions like you. Stand with us in making "MEN LIKE US" not merely a series, but a transformative movement. Dive into the experience by watching, sharing, and advocating. And if you're able, please consider contributing to our production and distribution efforts, ensuring these essential stories resonate globally.


By supporting "MEN LIKE US", you're not just backing a project, but endorsing a future where every queer narrative is acknowledged, celebrated, and showcased on the screens that shape our culture.


Join us in this historic journey.

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