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It is with heavy hearts that we acknowledge the significant impact of losing Theatre on the Hill. The absence of this summer staple has disrupted our cadence and affected our ability to have the impact in our community that we know we are capable of.


The financial repercussions of this loss have been severe. It's brought us to the brink, where we've had to confront the possibility of shutting our doors permanently. However, we stand firm in our resolve. We will not surrender to these challenging circumstances.


Over recent years, Theatre on the Hill has been our leading source of ticket revenue. Moreover, it's attracted around 300 new donors to our organization. The magnitude of its contribution to our community and operations cannot be overstated.


We intend to discuss this matter further and explore possible solutions. Yet, at this juncture, we need your steadfast support more than ever. We urge you to reaffirm your commitment to JAG and assist us in weathering this storm.

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