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I hope this note finds you well, inspired, and full of hope amidst the worlds challenges.


As the curtains rise on our 2023-2024 season, I am thrilled to share with you the incredible journey we are embarking on here at JAG. This year, we stand at an exhilarating juncture, ready to expand our horizons with innovative projects and educational programs. While we might appear calm on the surface, there's a whirlwind of activity and potential brewing beneath! 


First and foremost, I am over the moon to announce that JAG has been awarded a multi-year $250k grant from the esteemed Jane B. Cook Charitable Trust. This generous grant will facilitate the creation of a book that captures our unique methods, processes, aesthetics, and core principles. Work commenced this past August, with me leading a team of sixteen remarkable creatives from our JAG collective with an immersive week-long intensive to create an outline and structure for the book. This book will be a testament to our collective spirit and commitment to creating a sanctuary for Black & Black & Queer creatives.

Soon, get ready to be moved by the "MEN LIKE US" digital film series. This groundbreaking queer series promises to weave a tale of three strangers whose paths converge, diving deep into the complexities of identity, sexuality, and intimacy. We are immensely proud to be offering a narrative that lends a voice to the often unheard and invisible stories that permeate our society.


In 2024, the inception of JAG UNDERGROUND stands as a symbol of our grit and flexibility. Through curated events in the Upper Valley, we envision a realm of artistic expression beyond traditional theater confines. This initiative underlines our unwavering pledge to elevate Black and queer narratives. JAG UNDERGROUND is not just a series—it's a groundbreaking movement. 


Also in 2024, we're embracing innovation and revisiting classics with fresh eyes. We're in the early stages of reinventing two iconic musicals: SPRING AWAKENING and URINETOWN. Stay tuned for upcoming public engagements and offerings this spring. We promise it's going to be electric!


Finally, from the depths of my heart, I want to extend my gratitude to each and every one of you. Your unwavering support and belief in our vision drive us to push boundaries, challenge norms, and create theatrical magic. We wouldn't be where we are without you.


Here's to the stories we tell, the voices we amplify, and the future we're crafting together.

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