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I hope our midsummer letter finds you between sun and shade, taking in the season’s blossoms. JAG is deeply thrilled

to invite you along with us, once again, to champion the power of creativity and storytelling.

As we continue to deepen the roots of the work, we are sprouting boldly and beautifully in and beyond the Upper Valley. We welcome you into our ‘22/‘23 season, The Freedom Practice!

As the onslaught of heartbreaking news doesn’t seem to end, we all too easily find ourselves in a space where grief and s

hock are draining our energy and compromising our hope. With the basic human rights of LGBTQ+ people threatened once again, the recent attack on reproductive rights, a continuing Pandemic, war plaguing Eastern Europe and impacting the global economy, and ripple of an approaching recession, freedom and healing are weighing heavily on our shoulders. We are committed to practicing that liberation through the creativity we produce and the community we foster here at JAG Productions.

So, what does that liberation and healing practice look like for JAG?


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