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JAGfest 2.0 Esai's Table

Presented February 9 – 11 at Briggs Opera House in White River Junction, VT. The weekend-long festival of rehearsed staged play readings celebrates and explores diverse, new voices in American theater. JAGfest 2.0 will include four staged readings over the course of three days, each featuring a post-show conversation with the artists and moderated by Dartmouth scholars.

Founder & Producing Artistic Director Jarvis Green says “I am beyond excited to amplify Black voices in the American theater by having JAGfest serve as an incubator for new works that are written, directed, and performed by Black theatre artists. Introducing residents and visitors of the Upper Valley to the newest voices in American theatre with a festival that brings attention to the Black experience in America, in my opinion, is very necessary. Our company sees itself as playing a key role in bringing diverse actors and stories to the stage and to the Upper Valley, one of the most racially homogeneous regions of the United States, via powerful creations that are artfully staged.” Readings are as follows:

Power in Numbers




Project Gallery

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